Stealing Their Own Cars Prank
When the victims come out of the corner store and put the key into their own car door, an alarm goes off! A woman accuses them of trying to steal her car. It even has her license plate on it, not theirs. Now that's "scratch-your-head" worthy...
Added: 13th March 2013
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Funny Magic Show
Magic show of humor
Added: 11th September 2013
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Scenic Norway With Inspirational Music
1 - Aphelion (Fired Earth Music) 2 - Undying Love (Two Steps From *******) 3 - The Journey (X Ray Dog) 4 - Call for Heroes (Pierre Gerwig) Video edited with images extracted from the promotional film "Norway powered by nature" directed by Lars Nilssen. Visit:
Added: 18th June 2013
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Jumpy The Dog Is Fantastic!
The relationship between a dog and its owner is a unique bond. Omar von Muller a respected and successful animal trainer, uses training techniques he has personally developed to gain the trust and respect of the dogs he has trained. Jumpy is a prime example. Jumpy has a new fan! Me!
Added: 1st April 2014
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Hurricane Horse
Hurricane Horse get his 15 seconds of fame.
Added: 30th October 2012
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