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Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!
Check out Nicholi Rogatkins near perfect winning run ( see what he sees ) as he weaves through the historic streets of Nuremberg throwing insane tricks and ending with the first ever 1440 on a mountain bike ( I have no idea what a 1440 is but I do know I almost fell off my chair a couple of times).

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Kira The Dog Swims With Dolphins
Visit to see more. Kira is an ordinary dog with extraordinary habits: she swims with wild dolphins. Watch the magical dog-and-dolphin encounter in this HD nature video. Music: Miike Snow 'Animal' Swim with dolphins: Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre
Added: 6th August 2012
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Man Loses 400 Pounds Thanks To Hard Work And His Favorite Musician
Inspirational! After years of bad eating habits, 28 year old Ronnie Brower weighted in at 675 pounds. His doctors had given him a grim diagnosis. Ronnie knew it was time to make a change. With the help of Joe Bufano and Gina D'Addario Ronnie set a goal to weigh 250 pounds. With hard work and the inspiration he found listening to his favorite musician Ronnie is near his goal. If you know anyone that could use a little inspiration, please share this video with them. Thank you!
Added: 17th May 2015
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Anti-Burglary Device From Holland - Hilarious
New inventions and techniques using old tools and systems come along every once in a while that rock the world! While this isn't one of them it is a humorus idea and you don't need to understand a word the guy says to see and hear the end result.
Added: 14th December 2012
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The Hummingbird Whisperer
Near the UCLA Court of Sciences, there is a wing-flapping, darting, squeaking colony of 200-plus birds that make their home around the campus office of the 'hummingbird whisperer,' as Melanie Barboni is sometimes called. Don't you wish you could attract this many hummingbirds to your feeders?
Added: 10th July 2017
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