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These Adorable Animals Get The Sniffles Too
Ahchoo! It's that time of the year when the sniffles and sneezes come out. We found the cutest clips of animals sneezing just for you! Enjoy -- and don't forget your tissues! hooplaha.com
Added: 4th November 2014
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Funny Cats Knocking Stuff on the Floor
Don't you just LOVE it when your pet knocks things on the floor?
Added: 27th March 2015
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Follow the Frog
You don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to save the rainforest. Just Follow the Frog! Shop for Rainforest Alliance Certified products here: http://ow.ly/dKlao. The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit conservation organization that holds Charity Navigator's highest rating of Four Stars: http://ow.ly/ekYUy. What's behind the green frog seal? Only farms that meet rigorous sustainability criteria earn the right to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. These criteria address all of the three pillars of sustainability -- environmental protection, social equity and economic viability -- and farms are evaluated by independent, third-party auditors. Learn more about Rainforest Alliance Certification and its impacts here: http://ow.ly/ekYOW. This film was written and directed by our talented friend Max Joseph. You can follow him at http://www.facebook.com/mjosephfilm Produced by Aaron Weber from Wander: http://www.wanderfilms.com
Added: 24th October 2012
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Man Can't Dirve Unless His Had Is Being Held
Hi, a lot of you seem to be concerned about how I took the video. I put my phone in an iPhone holder that I use in my car for hands free calls. Its attached to the driver side door. The phone fell out once because I was on a back road which was quite bumpy. Tommy is also buckled in via his harness so hes safe as a house. I appreciate all the concerns, especially about Tommy being buckled in because that's important, but i assure you all it was perfectly safe, i wouldn't have done it otherwise. You should all re-watch the video safe in the knowledge that me, Tom and the roads of Ireland are safe as ever :)
Added: 12th October 2013
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Painting My Toenails Without Arms
In today's video I wanted to show you how I paint my toenails now usually I go to the salon and get acrylics on my nails so I had to wait for the acrylics to fall off before I was able to paint my nails again. I'm pretty good at painting my toenails on my left foot but I have a harder time painting my toenails on my right foot just like everybody else but I put the lid in my mouth and I'm able to use my mouth to stroke the paint my toenails. I did two layers of paint on my toenails and then I added a layer of sparkly nail polish. If you're having a hard time viewing the video because of the angle of my camera let me know and I'll redo the video.
Added: 5th December 2012
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