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Skateboarding Dog Plays Video Game
Watch Skateboarding Dog Plays Video Game Bulldog playing a skateboard videogame. Coolest dog ever. Look at him go, its ridiculous.
Added: 20th March 2011
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Superhero Strength Squirt Prank
This little squirt has superhuman, superhero strength! People are in disbelief when he picks up a huge cement block to move it out of the way! Maybe it's all in the costume, or maybe it's that realistic looking "cement", we'll never know... http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 10th October 2013
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Insane Shotgun Balloon Drop
INSANE! - Athlete Erik Roner floats 8,000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair attached to 90 weather balloons. Watch as he pops the balloons with his shotgun and skydives back down to earth. Music Young Fathers "Low" goo.gl/O9PnsK
Added: 6th February 2015
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Switzerland in 4K/Ultra HD
While processing this Switzerland footage the Creative Media Group team of creative professionals developed proprietary work-flows and innovative techniques that allowed them to pull out rich vibrant colors and process ultra high-resolution video content. Some of this Switzerland footage was created by specially programmed and engineered pieces of patent-pending technology. Best viewed full screen in at least 1080p or higher, sound up! CreativeMediaGroup.com

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Sam and Matt's Engagement - Police Video
So, this is the engagement as seen from the cops video camera in his car. For those of you who don't know the story, Matt came up with and then planned the engagement with the New London Police Chief to arrest him as we were heading to our farewell family dinner with all our friends from college. It went from being the most devastating thing I have had to witness, to feeling the most ecstatic I have ever felt. Some of it is hard to hear because its all based off of the Police Chief's mic, but enjoy! Thank you New London Police for contributing and being apart of our special day!
Added: 28th January 2014
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