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Cockatoo feeds Labrador
Cockatoo feeds Labrador eggs every morning.

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The Birdman of Chennai
Twice a day, Joseph Sekar goes to the roof of his camera repair shop in Chennai, India, and feeds 8,000 parakeets. That's right, 8,000 birds, twice a day. He spends 40% of his income on feeding the birds, who were displaced after the 2006 Southeast Asia floods. It's a lot, but for Joseph, nothing brings more joy than watching the birds fly and knowing they are well-fed and healthy. He's the Birdman of Chennai—and he couldn't be happier.

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13 Amazing Slow Motion Animals - Earth Unplugged
Some of the BBC's best slow motion animal shots. Which is your favourite?

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Funny Pugs Reaction to Christmas Song
Willson and Fergies funny response to barking Christmas song!! Too Funny!
Added: 16th December 2011
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Mother Nature Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
From dogs rolling around in the mud, cats confused by snowfall, to horses playing in the grass, these are just a few of the nature pets that you'll find in this Mother Nature pets video compilation.

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