FUNNIEST PARROTS - Cute Parrot And Funny Parrot Videos Compilation [BEST OF]
From parrot barking like a dog, parrot playing a drum, parrot grocery shopping to parrots just having fun, these are just a few of the clips you will see in this compilation.

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Epic Bowling Fail
Epic Bowling Fail Funny Compilation, Viral Hilarious Bowling Bloopers, Who Invented Bowling, History of Bowling ...
Added: 10th January 2012
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Dogs Eating Watermelon Is The Latest Internet Trend
The latest viral Internet trend is dogs eating watermelon. The sweet treat helps them cool down in the summer and is fun to watch.
Added: 3rd August 2018
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Tags INSIDER dogs internet trends watermelon dog eating watermelon

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This Crazy Ball Prank May Be Over The Top!
Prankster Roman Atwood loves pulling pranks, especially on his wife. So while she is at work he and the kids order up a ton of colorful plastic balls... enough to fill the whole house. Looks like a LOT of fun was had by all. Over the top? Your comments below the daily video are always appreciated. RomanAtwood.com

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Grackles Up-Close in 4K UHD
The Common Grackle is a gorgeous bird that is best appreciated up close like another bird would experience it. On this cloudy day it has a strangely intimidating look to it. When viewed face on in UHD it displays a total lack of color except for those yellow eyes with black pupils and can almost seem to disappear into the background. In sunlight it can appear iridescent with colors changing depending on the angle of sunlight striking it.

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