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Imagine a World Without Hate
Join ADL in our Centennial Year as we Imagine a World Without HateĆ, one where the hate crimes against Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Matthew Shepard and others did not take place. Support us in the fight against bigotry and extremism by sharing this inspirational video and taking the pledge to create a world without hate at
Added: 24th March 2013
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Cute Baby Otter Drinkig Milk
Baby otter drinking milk is so cute we can't stand it
Added: 29th November 2013
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Contortion In A Cube
Contortion In A Cube! Awesome! Performed by Arevik and Tatevik Seyranyan. Thanks to Becky D. and Rick R. for sharing.
Added: 24th January 2011
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The Weirdest Cutest Funniest Animals of 2016 Weekly Compilation | Kyoot Animals
AFV highlights the most hilarious bloopers and reactions from weirdest pet and animal home videos. Some times the weirdest pets are the cutest ones!
Added: 21st August 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet reaction reactions blooper bloope...

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Perfect Landing , No Wheels Needed
Skilled pilot lands a plane without the landing gear. Watch how he blocks the propellers! Simply amazing!
Added: 22nd May 2011
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