Moorland fun with Flint | Bodmin Moor | Liberty |Just One Pony!
Investing time in Flint. Flint is one of my wonderful Liberty Team ponies, he is a fantastic team player but individually he shows such talent so I wanted to take some time to just play around together at Liberty. I am not asking much from him as I am more interested in the friendship between us rather than what he can do for me. This is the first time working on his own and first time up on Bodmin Moor. We had fun! Flint is a Connemara He is wearing Cavallo hoof boots to protect his feet from stones. Thank you for watching, if you enjoyed our video then do click subscribe & you can also follow us on Instagram @emmassingale or on Facebook @EmmaMassingale Best wishes Emx www.emmamassingale.com

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Smash Clip
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