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The Teen Golf Sensation Swinging for Nepal
Since before she was born, Pratima Sherpa was destined to have a career in golf. Her parents met while working on one of Nepal's only golf courses - the Royal Nepal Golf Club in Kathmandu - and Pratima herself was born and raised on the green. The 18-year-old has now played in over 60 tournaments and won 35 trophies, standing as proof that golf is a sport of talent, not affluence. Now, her sights are set on a bigger stage - playing the summer Olympics as the first professional female golfer from Nepal.

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Maru plays with Hana
Two cats at play...
Added: 8th January 2014
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Funniest Pets Stuck In Stuff Home Videos of 2016 Weekly Compilation
AFV presents another weekly compilation of the funniest viral videos of pets and animals caught on tape getting stuck in different things and situations.
Added: 23rd December 2016
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Scaredy Cat
Kinda like a cat reacting to a horror movie, but it's just Marm in the bathroom sink getting scared of my creepy hand! :)

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Karate Prank
We can't believe this happened because karate demonstrations NEVER go wrong! They're, like, the safest kind of demonstrations, especially when little old ladies are around!
Added: 21st June 2014
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