Getting too Close to a Gorilla Leads to Unexpected Consequences
Gorillas have become increasingly more accepting of Charlotte and the crew, but this leads to an unexpected incident for the cameraman.

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Nervous Cat Helps Guy Feel Connected To The World
Nervous Cat Helps Guy Feel Connected To The World | When this guy's friends asked him to help walk their nervous cat Sawyer, he was skeptical at first. But Nick was having trouble forming relationships, so he decided to give it a try. Today on Soulmates, watch how Nick and Sawyer formed a very special bond that helped them both put aside their anxieties and have beautiful adventures together.

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Touch - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - 1080p HD
Extreme Paraglider Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Soars Over Europe showing us spectacular feats and beautiful scenery. He been a paragliding pilot since 2004 and his thing is the acrobatic and proximity flight. Besides competition, his goal is to share the feeling of flight with his videos to make everyone dream of flying. jeanbaptistechandelier.com/
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We Are All Woven Together By A Thread Of...
Hanky Alert! It's been said that no rain drop thinks it's responsible for the flood but Donella Parker and Josey Jones are proof that one drop, one plastic bag, one person can start a wave of kindness. They are reaching out to their fellow man without judgment or condition because we are all woven together by a thread of common decency. Donella Parker First Presbyterian Church 1311 McCaulley St. Sweetwater, TX 79556 Phone: 325-235-5491 Website fpcsweetwater.org/

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Scared Homeless Dog Tries To Bite His Rescuers. See What Happens Next!
A lady calls the rescue hot line concerned about a small white dog that has been abandoned in her neighborhood. The dog ( now named Toto ) looks to be very hungry, skittish and dirty. The rescue team arrives and quickly corner the dog inside a nearby body shop. Now things gets a little intense... StarPawsRescue.org
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