In Memory of Hudson 2006-2016
There is a special bond between a man and a dog, their love is unconditional. The feeling it is not something we want to go a life without experiencing. When we adopt a dog we save a life of loving animal by making them part of our family and open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it. And what we gain is the greatest gift of all, beyond just the deep satisfaction of choosing life...we are choosing love. There is nothing as healing and soul-fulfilling as looking into the eyes of unconditional love....and of course the smiles that come from that feeling make the absolute best selfies! Hudson was with us for 10 years, and he truly was one of the best companions, very gentle, docile, loving, and lovable by everybody including our cats...

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Beam: The Glastonbury Sculpture Inspired By Bees | BBC Earth
Wolfgang Buttress creates a multi-sensory experience with his sculpture, Beam. Sounds and vibrations from the farm of Glastonbury Festivals host Michael Eavis, are sent as live signals to the sculpture and women into a tapestry of light and sound. The bees are Cornish Black Bees. Their sounds are interwoven with specially composed music. The ambition is to evoke a sense of peace, a sense of communication with nature, connecting with the real-time activity of honey bees. Artists and Composers: Wolfgang Buttress Anthony Foster Kevin Bales Camille Christel Buttress

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Funny Easter Bunnies
Get into the Easter mood with these furry and funny Easter bunnies!
Added: 27th March 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets easter easter bunnies easter bunny

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Raising an Olympian - GABBY DOUGLAS
As the Proud Sponsor of Moms, P&G presents this series about the mom behind the Olympic athlete.
Added: 7th August 2012
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