Geese Jogging Down The Road
Young geese, who have not yet learned to fly, go for a jog with their parents. Location: Winnipeg, CANADA
Added: 1st March 2011
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GoPro: Kayak New Zealand
Join the adventure in beautiful New Zealand as Ben Brown and Rush Sturges attempt to tackle the gnarliest of river flows. Hucking over some of the most dangerous waterfalls in the world, these guys continue to push the limits. Music Dexter Britain "Time To Run Finale" http://dexterbritain.co.uk Two Steps From ******* Courtesy of ExtremeMusic http://extrememusic.com
Added: 23rd February 2014
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Coolest Owl EVER!
Watch a group of birds attack an owl who couldn't be more cool about it.
Added: 31st July 2015
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9 Places That Let You Swim With Animals
These various lakes, resorts, and beaches let you get up close and personal with wildlife. Whether you swim with cuddly otters or huge crocodiles, check out these unique underwater adventures.

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Awesome Belly Flops
Plunge into summer fun with these clips that are sure to leave a mark, complete with HooplaHa's nifty Ouch Meter! www.hooplaha.com
Added: 24th May 2014
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