Charlie the dog's  reaction to new baby arrival.
Charlie the dog's reaction to new baby arrival.
Added: 6th September 2015
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The Sandwich in a Pickle
"I think it's safe to say that everybody loves a good pickle," says Katherine Cohen, head pickle proprietor of Elsie's. She runs a sandwich shop in Haddon Township, New Jersey, that has done away with run-of-the-mill sandwich bread altogether in favor of pickles. But these aren't just any old pickles-they're flavored with a secret family recipe and have attracted folks from around the world. Among the sandwiches on Elsie's menu: the Famous Italian-that's ham, capicola, salami and provolone served between two pickles. YUM.

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Amazing Homemade Inventions 11/2019 - Funny Vehicles
Amazing homemade inventions, episode11/2019 - Funny homemade vehicles.

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I found a fully stocked underground safe house...
Seemed abandoned, but it had electricity and ventilation, so... While walking through the territory of a factory, located in the industrial area of the city, I noticed a weird concrete block with a metal gate on the side of it. I opened it and a latter climb later I was in a dark, small tunnel leading to an underground bomb shelter/safe house.

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