Kit and Caboodle getting the help they need
Best Friends Animal Society is a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. In addition to running lifesaving programs in partnership with more than 2,100 animal welfare groups across the country, Best Friends has regional centers in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City, and operates the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. Founded in 1984, Best Friends is a pioneer in the no-kill movement and has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters nationwide from 17 million per year to about 1.5 million. That means there are still more than 4,100 dogs and cats killed every day in shelters, just because they don't have safe places to call home. We are determined to get that number to zero by the year 2025. Working collaboratively with shelters, rescue groups, other organizations and you, we will end the killing and Save Them All. For more information, visit bestfriends.org.

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Storm Chaser Hit By Lightning - Scott Sheppard
Storm chaser Scott Sheppard gets hit by lightning while shooting video out the window near Fairburn, South Dakota. The strike hit his arm and then traveled down to the ground and blew a hole in the pavement. The lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car, both of which had to be towed. Scott has a sore arm but is otherwise OK.
Added: 29th May 2014
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Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg Is Pure Inspiration
This baby mini horse lost her leg, but she's SO determined to walk - and her owners feel completely blessed to know her

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Suitcase - Simon's Cat
"A creative cat exceeds the baggage allowance." CREDITS Directed by: Simon Tofield Animation: Laura Nailor Cleanup: Isobel Stenhouse Sound: Shrooty Official Website: http://www.simonscat.com
Added: 4th August 2013
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My Christmas Eve by Bob Welsh
Bob Welsh is a storyteller, poet and public speaker. Bob uniquely weaves his original stories to prose. In this video, Bob recounts his experience as an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper and the disconcerting responsibility of delivering devastating news to families, even on Christmas Eve. Pull up a chair...and grab a tissue. http://www.bobwelsh.com
Added: 24th December 2012
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