Jack-In-The-Box Cat Scares Big Dogs
A cat hides in a box form two curious dogs. For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.petsami.com
Added: 4th September 2012
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Mailman Battles Angry Cat While Attempting to Deliver Mail
Cat Doesn't Want Mail Delivered
Added: 6th April 2014
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Miracle On The Highway!
A priest mysteriously appeared at the scene of a crash when Katie Lent's vital signs were failing. For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/ headlines/2013/08/ mystery-priest-vanishes-after- anointing-crash-victim/
Added: 10th August 2013
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Top 10 MIND-BLOWING Futuristic Things We'll Live to See
Every year we live, it seems like we experience something new and unbelievable. We can only imagine what the latter prat of our existence will witness, but these 10 discoveries and events are likely to be among the Top 10 mind boggling things we will live to see.

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LIFEHACKS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER Check out travel hacks to make your trip more comfortable. Lets start from the tutorial how to pack a suitcase and to effectively use space. Always roll clothes instead of folding. Roll clothes in small tubes and will save a ton of space and prevent wrinkles. Moreover, you will find helpful tips on how to make your flight as comfortable as possible. You dont need to buy a pricey suitcase cover, use an old t-shirt. To avoid paying excess baggage charges to wear as many clothes as possible to. Always carry a heavy coat or leather jacket instead of packing. Place a pencil to your mouth to overcome fatigue and to boost energy. Don’t throw away newspapers because you can use it for various crafts. If there is no wrapping paper, replace it with newspapers and you can make a gift bag also. Decorate a picture frame with newspaper roses. Newspaper nail art design looks amazing and is really easy: apply white nail polish as a base coat, cut pieces from the newspaper. Soak your finger in the vodka and place the wet cut-outs on your nails until the images stick. Finish with top coat. If a plastic container smells really bad, place a piece of newspaper in it and leave for 24 hours. Use a metal pants hanger to hold the paper next to your computer screen. Attach the hanger to the top of your laptop and clip the sheet of paper to the other side of the hanger. Isnt it cool? Check out more office lifehacks that will ease your life! If its too cold in your apartment use bubble wrap. Spray water on your window and place bubble wrap with bubble side towards the glass.

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