Kids Provide Opinions On Valentine's Day
Since love is so often an immediate, raw emotion, we figured children would have the best kind of life experience to put it into perspective for us. Think about it, they often act without thinking, feel their emotions without a care who sees them, and when they see something they want, they go after it. Not to mention they're cute as heck, which is what we all strive to be on Valentine's Day. Watch and enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/hooplaha
Added: 9th February 2014
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10 Signs Your Better Half is the Best Partner in the World
Every great spouse has these 10 qualities shining through. View full article here: www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=22051 FIND MORE ON BA-BAMAIL.COM
Added: 16th August 2016
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Worlds Coolest Smiling Dog
Worlds Coolest Smiling Dog-This has to be one of the best videos of a happy dog anywhere. Super Britney the super funny super cute Weimaraner Star actor that talks . Super Britney caught enjoying a Speed boat ride with the most happy smile ever. now thats a Smiling Dog
Added: 2nd December 2011
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Christmas present and Maru and Hana
Christmas present and Maru and Hana
Added: 25th December 2018
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