iPhone Explosion !! - Throwback Thursday
What would you do if your brand new iPhone explodes in the hands of a stranger? facebook.com/jflgags
Added: 9th October 2014
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Surprise Orchestra - Kids Prank
Surprise Orchestra - Kids Prank gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 30th July 2014
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The Best Way to Move Mountain Goats - Helicopters.
How do you move a mountain goat nearly a hundred miles? With a helicopter.

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Guilty Dogs Get Confronted by Owner
Two guilty dogs get confronted by their owner after making a mess.
Added: 13th June 2016
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The Saddest Dog  - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
From a sad looking dog, super secret dance club, deep brain stimulation to a Discus Launch Glider, these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's video. Enjoy!
Added: 8th August 2018
Views: 17059
Tags best vines 2018 funny vines funny videos funniest videos 2018

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