Perpetuum Jazzile - Killing Me Softly
A jazzy version of a true all time pop classic. Arranged by Gene Puerling. Recorded live at their annual Vokal Xtravaganzza concert in Ljubljana, November 2, 2009. Official website: http://PJvocal.com Perpetuum Jazzile. Vocal ecstasy.
Added: 9th February 2012
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Contortion In A Cube
Contortion In A Cube! Awesome! Performed by Arevik and Tatevik Seyranyan. Thanks to Becky D. and Rick R. for sharing.
Added: 24th January 2011
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Ridiculous 1957 Corvette Barn Find
Matt Barczak felt numb to have a chance to see this 1957 Corvette he'd heard about almost his entire life. Then, when the barn door opened and he saw the '57 this "ridiculous" feeling came over him, which was his impression of the scene, set inside a pole barn on a farm outside the small town of Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania.
Added: 9th April 2018
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100 Years of Beauty - Episode 16: Japan (Mei)
100 Years of Beauty - Episode 16: Japan (Mei)
Added: 15th January 2016
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Tags 100 years beauty makeup hair japan

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Meet Disco the incredible talking budgie
Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b050d3fx When budgies mimic their owners they are simply doing what they would do in the wild. They learn their names from their parents and also the distinct calls of their family.

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