Amazing First Time Senses Video Compilation 2016
From a deaf woman receiving a Cochlear Implant, and surprise marriage proposal, to a man seeing color, these special moments capture what it's like to experience something for the first time.

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Maru The Cat wears the paper bag
Maru's new fashion.
Added: 3rd April 2015
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My dog Matzo knocked over the trashcan and was about to get scolded. This is how he tried to slink away.
Added: 20th June 2015
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Babies Laughing at Dogs Compilation
The most adorable clips of babies laughing at dogs, all in one video. If you like cute dogs and babies, you'll love this... Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Compilariz
Added: 18th October 2013
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Only In Russia!
I'm petrified just watching these people crossing the river Nyarma-Yaha (200 km north of Vorkuta, Russia) using excavators. Simple and brilliant but not for me! Not sure what exactly is going on but it looks like the bridge either hasn't been completed or has been destroyed.
Added: 8th May 2015
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