World's smallest monkey has the cutest babies
How ridiculously adorable are our two Pygmy Marmoset babies that were were born at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia two weeks ago. The twin marmoset babies only weigh around 15grams, and with mum only weighing in around 100grams, although they are tiny - boy they are big in comparison.

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Play Like No Body Is Watching
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Plumber Who Dove Into Fix Pipe Gets Free Jeans For a Year
A photo of a hard-working plumber who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a broken pipe is going viral. A homeowner snapped this shot of Jimmie Cox diving into murky water to try and fix the problem. Inside Edition connected Cox with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, who commended the plumber for his dedication to his dirty job. Cox was photographed with only his legs still dry and wearing Wrangler jeans, so the company is also giving him a year's supply of pants

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A Baby Gorilla Teasing Its Mom Is The Best Zoo Footage You'll See Today.
Funny animal footage is captured at the zoo when an ornery baby gorilla attempts to play with its mom. However, it looks like mom isn't in the mood...

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Jackie Chan Chopsticks Portrait by REDhongyi
Jackie Chan portrait made of 64,000 CHOPSTICKS! :) Such an honour working with him on this in Beijing!!!
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