Bath Time for Baby Sloths | Too Cute
The only thing cuter than a dry baby sloth is a wet one! Too Cute's MOST ADORABLE CLIPS! http://animal.discovery.com/videos /too-cute-kittens-highlights/#mkcpgn=ytapl1
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Taimane - Phantom of the Opera
Taimane Tauiliili(born February 13, 1989), also known as Taimane, is an American ukulele virtuoso and composer. Don't believe it? Just watch today's video and see for yourself...

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How Game of Thrones Helped Save This Farm
At his farm in Northern Ireland, Kenny Gracey raises breeds of farm animals that are native to the British Isles, such as long-horn cattle, Jacob sheep and saddleback pigs. But a few years back, his farm fell on hard times. Coincidentally, right around that same time, "Game of Thrones" began filming its first season and needed animals for the show's background scenes. The show's producers asked Gracey whether he’d be willing to supply these animals, and he agreed. This farm might be the only thing that didn't die on "Game of Thrones."

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LOST TAPES! When Walter Was Small and Jeff Had a Mullet | JEFF DUNHAM
Found a mullet in the closet! It's another lost tape from the archives... At a small comedy club in 1991, Walter and I take the stage to try some new jokes before a Carson Tonight Show appearance; Walter wasn't quite himself and I was rocking a mullet. Check out this lost tape from 27 years ago!

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