Great Dane and 200lb Mastiff play with baby ducks
Mr. Big the Great Dane and Argus the English Mastiff are seen here intrigued by a pair of adorable baby ducks. Look how well they all get along!
Added: 26th June 2015
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First time ever meeting a koala and kangaroo
Maya, from Germany, made sure a visit to Symbio was on her Australian Bucket list after falling in love with our Koalas

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25 goat kids Morning Playtime
Why walk when you can leap! I let all the kids out this morning to play. The oldest are 5 days old, the youngest less than a day old. Nothing is more fun to watch them practice their sideways hops and spins! We are about halfway through kidding season. 10 more mamas to go this week! We are going to have a barn full!
Added: 4th May 2018
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Baseball Breaks Glass  Prank
A little kid asks pedestrians to thow his baseball back to him, but just as they pitch it back, a van owned by a glass making company - with a huge sheet of glass on the side of it - backs out of the driveway. The ball breaks the panel and shatters all the glass, and the sneaky little kid runs away, leaving prank victims responsible for all the damage. http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 5th May 2013
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RTSF 2018 - Shag Battle Finals
Rock That Swing Festival 2018: Shag Battle Finals at the Deutsches Theater in Munich (10 Feb 2018). http://www.rockthatswing.com Filming and video editing: ...
Added: 11th June 2019
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