Sumatran Tigers Get New Home
A pair of Sumatran tigers get a new home, as they set out to start a family.
Added: 26th April 2013
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Barbara Heidenreich with Groucho the Singing Parrot on the Tonight Show
I was fortunate to be on the Tonight Show a few years back with Groucho the singing parrot from Natural Encounters Inc. Groucho sings seven songs. I have never seen another talking parrot quite as impressive as he is. Groucho is a great testament to the power of training parrots with positive reinforcement. He is the third parrot so watch the whole thing! Unfortunately the audio has a few issues I can't fix. - Barbara Heidenreich www.GoodBirdInc.com

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100 Years of Fashion: Nails
Discover how women have been styling their nails for 100-plus years and watch how far nail styles have come from the bare buff of the early 1900s to the hot ...

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Doggy Summer
A new clip made by the Promotion Group of Mirror Method about the summer.
Added: 20th May 2013
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Irritating Noise On The Golf Course
Funny! Have you ever been on the tee, ready to make that perfect shot and then this happens?
Added: 10th November 2015
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