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Voicemail Accident Hilarious
Voicemail Accident - Hilarious This guy is leaving a voicemail for his boss when he witnesses a traffic accident. A guy runs a red light and hits four little old ladies in in a Chevy Impala. Fake or real? Either way its hilarious!
Added: 1st July 2013
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Cat basket
Cats in a basket kagonekoshiro.blog86.fc2.com/
Added: 8th September 2014
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Is it possible to make over 100 Magic Tricks in less than 10 minutes? RudiRok decided to find out that with his super talented magician friend Joni Pakanen!

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Funny Cats Annoying Dogs Compilation
Cats Annoy Dogs | Cats Annoying Dogs | Kittens Annoy Dogs | Kittens Annoying Dogs | Kittens Trying to Play with Dogs facebook.com/funnyplox
Added: 19th December 2014
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The Jive Aces and Cassidy Janson -  I Want You To Be My Baby
Featuring special guest Cassidy Janson, star of the hit West End musical "Beautiful" playing Carole King! From our new album "Diggin' The Roots Vol.1: Rockin' Rhythm & Blues" available from www.jiveaces.com/store

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