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A Puppy And Bird Friendship
A puppy and a bird start a friendship of a lifetime.
Added: 19th February 2016
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Arthur the Dog surfing across a swimming pool
Arthur the Jack Russell Cross jumps from the side of a pool onto a surf board in a swimming pool and rides across the swimming pool with no assistance and then jumps out of the pool onto the side. Very clever, showing balance, lots of wagging tails and clearly shows he is enjoying the moment showing off in front of his audience. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email
Added: 10th January 2015
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F/A-18C Breaks Speed of Sound
An F/A-18C breaks the speed of sound, leaving behind the tell tale and infamous "Sonic Boom". Model: F/A-18C Hornet Developed from: McDonnell Douglas National origin: United States Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas / Boeing Northrop Primary users: United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, Royal Australian Air Force, Spanish Air Force
Added: 6th January 2015
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This Is What Happens When Pranksters "Prank It Forward"!
Greg Benson of MediocreFilms normally does prank videos but watch what happens when he turns the Ascencia Shelter in Glendale, CA into a 5-star restaurant to feed 50 homeless people. Awesome! If you find this video of value, please "Like", "Share" and "Comment". Thank you.
Added: 3rd October 2014
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