St Patrick's Day Sheep Dog Trials - Funny!
It's a capacity crowd. First off is Garrett Longrass with his border collie "Roy", three time winner here! Longrass is a wizard at whistling... To help friends get together, GUINNESSZ has trained a highly specialized sheep dog to round up mates and ensure they get to the pub on St Patrick's Day.
Added: 13th March 2012
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Unusual Horses: Camargue Horse
This ancient breed hails from the marshes and wetlands of France's Southern coast. And my, aren't they magnificent?
Added: 24th March 2016
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Kid Snake Charmer Prank
This kid has a lot of charm... snake charming ability that is! Watch him scare the pants out of these unsuspecting adults as he coaxes a snake out of its basket.
Added: 24th July 2013
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Simon's Cat in Window Pain (Disney Exclusive)
Simon's cat doesn't do windows. Can Simon? A Disney Exclusive from simonscat.
Added: 26th June 2012
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A young lady has a close encounter with an elephant seal at a beach in south Georgia. She appears to be having a most wonderful time. Looks like it could be dangerious to me but what do I know. Music by Jose Padilla
Added: 28th March 2011
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