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Best 60s Dancer Boy Ever - The Nitty Gritty
It's pretty obvious which one. Taken from The Judy Garland Show, 1964
Added: 1st May 2015
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2CELLOS - The Godfather Theme ( A Video You Can't Refuse! )
2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing Love Theme from The Godfather by Nino Rota with London Symphony Orchestra. Filmed at the beautiful Kabola Winery, Momjan, Croatia. Video by Kristijan Burlovic, Medvid production Filming location: Kabola Winery, Momjan, Croatia Nani Poljanec, The Godfather

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Boston University Students Hula Hoop To Happiness
As students in college, stressors come from many different directions. Having to balance schoolwork, extra curricular activities and a social life all at the same time can get hectic! At Boston University, these students have a unique way of letting go of their stress. The Hooping Project, founded by BU student Ariella Darvish, brings students together to "hula hoop to happiness," no experience necessary! Check out this awesome video to learn more about hooping and how it makes a difference in student's lives.
Added: 27th January 2015
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Ultimate Funny Guilty Dog Video Compilation Pt 2
In part 2 of Ultimate Guilty Dogs we see a compilation of the best guilty dog videos from the web. Some of the clips are extremely funny and some are a little sad. I hope this brightens your Monday just a little bit. If you like the video please share it with your family and friends.
Added: 20th October 2013
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