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Dancing Dog Tip Hazard Has All The Right Moves
Simon is "feeling optimistic" after being introduced to dog trainer Lucy and her pet pooch Trip Hazard but can they both live up to his expectations? I think so!

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Concrete Tent
Watch Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips quickly construct a building made of concrete canvas?a material that has all the elements of concrete, but is flexible enough to be turned into any shape. This technology allows people to erect permanent structures in a fraction of the time needed for traditional building techniques.
Added: 7th March 2013
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The story about Ice Music in Swedish Lapland
Tim Linhart tells us some about the making of his incredible ice orchestra in Sweden.
Added: 6th April 2016
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Shirt Removal Made Easy!!
If you thought you could take your shirt off fast, you ain't seen NOTHIN! This funny new sprint commercial shows you exactly what technique to use in order to maximize your free time.
Added: 6th November 2011
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Mark Lowry Sings A Beautiful Song || Old People
I have shared a couple of Mark's comedy videos in the past but in today's video we get to hear Mark sing a beautiful song from one of his many CD's titled 'Old People' (with Jimmy & Sonya Isaacs Yeary). This is a beautiful song on Mark Lowry's latest CD, "How We Love" available at marklowry.com/store
Added: 26th January 2016
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