Elephants Play Soccer
The beautiful game just went big! facebook.com/uzooanimals
Added: 5th July 2014
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WWII Pilot's Sacrifice Honored in France
As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman visits the tiny French town of Les Ventes, that for the last 60 years has been honoring the sacrifice of an American WWII fighter pilot whose widow only recently discovered his fate.
Added: 19th June 2012
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Old Hippy Skipping A Stone
Old Hippy Skipping A Stone. Lake Paran in Bennington, Vermont - 2015.
Added: 24th September 2015
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What Every Cat Needs!
Playtime is vitally important to a cat's mental and physical health, there's lots of cat toys out there yearning to be picked up and played with … and I'm sure your cats will be more than happy to participate! :)

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Creepy Human Bird Head
http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe: http://goo.gl/TpAx6 After helping load the bird cages onto the display table, people lift the cover off the first one which exposes a beautiful blue budgie. They get a scare from the second one though, which turns out to be a mutant human-bird hybrid freak of nature. An official presentation of Just Kidding Pranks, the coolest Just For Laughs Gags sister show on YouTube. JKP is the home of the funniest, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world! Visit our other channels: JustForLaughsTV: http://www.youtube.com/gags Hidden Camera Classics: http://www.youtube.com/ClassicHiddenCamera Social Animal? Here are a few interesting links: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jkpranks Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justkiddingpranks Cats: http://goo.gl/a2zwo
Added: 17th June 2013
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