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Wild Horse Adopted by Woman Becomes Her Best Friends
This wild horse was rounded up by the U.S. government - but he hit the jackpot when his new human adopted him. Today we watch how Amado's human slowly gained his trust and made him her best friend. Now he actually gives her hugs and lets her ride him while he's swimming!

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Most stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head - Guinness World Records
Two incredibly-strong Vietnamese brothers take on the record for most stairs climbed with a person on the head.

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Vietnam POWs - 40 Years Later
On May 24, 1973, President and First Lady Nixon hosted American Prisoners of War held captive in Vietnam for the largest dinner ever held at the White House. 40 years later, the Richard Nixon Foundation hosted what was perhaps their last reunion gathering. The following is a collection of television and print news coverage.
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Runaway Porta-Potty in High Wind - Outhouse Latrine
We were getting wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. This porta-John stood tall but didn't stand still. I hope nobody was inside! Eh. Who am I kidding. I kind of hope someone was.
Added: 29th April 2014
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Contagious Laugh - Buzz and the Dandelions
This is why being a Dad is awesome. This is the first time Buzz has ever seen a dandelion...I think he liked it.

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