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Emily's Hair
What makes Emily unique is that by age three her golden [brown] locks were long enough to be made into a wig for a child with cancer. As Emily states in the video, "just cut some off and give it to a kid". What an incredible lesson to learn from a 3 year old, when we have lots of something - don't hold onto it, give it away to someone else who needs it more. Emily James is just your typical little 3 year old princess. She loves nail polish, frilly dresses and when she can get her hands on it, mums lipstick. Her favourite movie is Tangled and she is especially fond of her Rapunzel dolly, which is why 'Dolly' got a hair cut too. When Emily said she would let Uncle Matthew cut her hair, she insisted that he would cut 'Dolly's' hair first. http://www.flypressfilms.com
Added: 8th March 2014
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Clever Pancake Mix Life Hack
Simple but genius hack will change your breakfast forever! If you are a huge fan of pancakes but never had a nerve to make them yourself because of all the mess with the batter, you should definitely stop and watch our short video. The devil is in the bottle! Simply mix the ingredients, according to either yours, or our recipe, but not as you would normally do. Use an empty and dry, plastic bottle and see how fun it will be to make crêpes and pancakes from now on! Crepes Recipe A glass of flour A spoon of sugar A pinch of salt 2 spoons of oil 2 eggs 2 glasses of milk Pancakes Recipe A glass of flour 2 spoons of sugar 2 tea spoons of baking powder A pinch of salt 2 spoons of oil 1 egg A glass of milk
Added: 25th May 2016
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Two-legged Dog Named Dominic -  Amazing!
2-year old greyhound named Dominic has only two legs, both on his left side! He was born with four legs but an auto accident took two of them away. How does he do it?
Added: 29th February 2012
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