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Elephant came to say hello
If you don't believe the bond between human and elephant, please see this elephant. First met, Kham Lah rescued on June but from the first day he show love and kindness to their group. It not take much time for them to love and accept him. When they can see he have no any tool to force

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Lions, Tigers, Bears & more rescued from Canada Roadside Zoo
The Humane Society of the United States Right now, we are caring for more than 100 wild and exotic animals seized this morning by officials in a criminal code case from a roadside zoo in Quebec, Canada. Lions, tigers, leopards, camels, zebras, kangaroos, bears, wolves and so many more animals are in need of help. We have a team managing the situation on-site, and we're working to bring these animals to safety over the coming weeks. Please donate today to get these animals to safety, achieve stronger laws for animals and help protect all the worlds creatures from cruelty and suffering. Click here to help:

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Taimane - Seven Nation Army / Havana
Hey guys! This is from my Instagram where I post tons of 1 min vids. Maybe I'll make this a whole song if you guys are into it?

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Bandit The Mighty. The Super Collies
Bandit is a pup that comes to us to harness some of his crazy energy!! We love him so much!
Added: 20th May 2019
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Tags Hero The Border Collie Tricks Agility Talented Puppy Disc Canine Freestyle

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