We're sure you've been involved in a discussion or even started one at least once. And no matter what it is, the intention is always to win. But, to be honest, this isn't always possible: the opponent can be stronger, smarter or more cunning. Especially for these cases we have prepared today's video; in it we will show you discussions that you can win with a 100% chance. But it's not easy: in many cases you'll have to prepare beforehand. But you can be sure it's worth it. So here are 10 arguments you'll win.

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Live from Heathrow - Vince’s Boogie Woogie
Just as we head off to the USA for our tour, Vince couldn't resist pounding out the keys at Heathrow airport! Tour dates at http://www.jiveaces.com/tour.
Added: 4th December 2017
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FUNNIEST Safari Animals and People Compilation
HILARIOUS! In today's video we see all the things you should not do when you and your family go on safari. Some of these people are CRAZY!

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Audi Holiday Campaign: Parking Lot
The holidays are here, which means it's time for a trip to a truly magical place - the mall. Watch as two Audi Sport drivers let the spirit of the season take the wheel for a ride to remember. Professional drivers on a closed course performing highly choreographed stunts. Do not attempt. Always obey local speed and traffic laws.

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Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets
Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets | These sweet dogs LOVE taking care of their orphaned piglets. They teach their little piggies what family means, and they all wrestle together like puppies until they all fall asleep in one big cuddle puddle. Today on Odd Couples, watch them fall in love with Piper, the most special piglet of all.

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