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The Rabbit Hole: Underground Cave & Waterfall In Jamaica | Swimming Hole Safari Ep 1
We're diving into the Rabbit Hole in Jamaica! It's an underground cave that is only accessible by jumping into a waterfall. Would you have the nerve to jump?

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Strangest Secret Rooms FOUND IN CRAZY PLACES
It's apparently not that unusual to find strange, mysterious, hidden rooms all over the world in places one would never expect. They're discovered in houses, in old historical buildings, and even inside of some pretty impressive castles! Not to mention, one guy even hid an entire castle for a time! They're spooky; they're mind-bending, they're Strangest Secret Rooms FOUND IN CRAZY PLACES!

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How The Price Is Right Is Made
Since September 4, 1972, "The Price Is Right" has been delighting American audiences on CBS. The popular game show, previously hosted by Bob Barker, is now lead by host Drew Carey. With popular games like Plinko, and prizes like vacations and cars, the show is thriving in 2018. We got a behind the scenes look at how the show is made today.

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The Family Reunion from The Carol Burnett Show
The Family (with Harvey Korman as Roger, Carol Burnett as Eunice, and Vicki Lawrence as Mama) is hosting a reunion, with Eunice's brother Phil (Roddy McDowall) in town. Every time Phil tries to speak, the family interrupts him.

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