9 Incredible Natural Phenomena You Need to See
Since the dawn of time, nature has surprised people with its power and beauty. Thousands of years passed before people could find an explanation for phenomena such as rainbows, storms or fog. But even if you think you have a good understanding of physics and "have seen it all", nature still has things that will surprise you. Colorful rivers, floating lakes, rays coming from the ground... This is not the result of video editing, but actual footage from different parts of the world. Want to know more? Then keep watching, because today we'll tell you about the most unusual natural phenomena on the planet.

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4 Reasons Vinyl Still Spins Supreme
Just for the record, were thankful we live in a world where vinyl still exists. If you dont own a record player, this reel will inspire you to invest in one.

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Dog vs Giant Flamingo Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo and Potpie
Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie get pranked by a Giant Flamingo! Funny beagle dog Maymo & Cute puppy dog Potpie are enjoying themselves on the beach when they are approached by an annoying flamingo, who plays endless pranks on the two beagles. Just when they think they are rid of the annoying bird, the cute dogs are surprised by a giant flamingo...making this one of Maymo's best funny dog prank videos ever!

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