Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time
Jenny and her mom Josie suffered through years of neglect, and their hooves grew so long that they could barely stand. Help has finally arrived watch them fall in love with their new lives.

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Panther. honeysada
Panther is a fun-loving, super-cool, zen master. He loves life, is very athletic and is always looking for a good time.

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Fishing, Foraging, Cockling with Horses at Liberty. Emma Massingale
Each year I take my Connemara Liberty team to Connemara National Park to live on a remote Island and embrace island life! With fantastic beaches for Cockling, and Foraging for my food. I have never had been very good at fishing but I thought I would give it a go from the back of my gorgeous Connemara Nahla...then even if I didn't catch anything I still got to spend quaility time with my buddy! Emx Connemara National Park is on the North West Coast of Ireland - 600 miles from our home in Devon! All my Connemaras came from Clifden Pony sales right in the heart of Connemara. Nahla is a 8yr old 15.1hh Gelding

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Not You Daddy's Taxi!
If you're a Hagerty client, you'll be used to being treated a little differently than if you were with some of our competitors. In this video, a Hagerty client gets a slightly better taxi ride than he bargained for when a classic Porsche 911 driven by Porsche rally ace Richard Tuthill turns up. Hagerty is your definitive source for all things classic: compelling stories about cool cars and the people who love them; the latest on collector car values and market trends; and all the eye candy, roaring engines and nostalgia you can handle. So strap down, settle in and cruise with us a while. Were glad youre here.

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Ep #7: it's a Daphne Day! - Cute Dachshund Puppy Vlog
Presenting Daphne's first ever talking #dog episode! Daphne is an adorable little #puppy #dachshund who is taking after her big brother and Instagram superstar dog, Crusoe the Dachshund! Daphne is here to tell you about her day. She is still learning how to speak, and is taking talking lessons from her brother Crusoe. She is learning words like WALK, and HECK, and HAMBURGER (still working on that one). Daphne the dachshund also has to attend puppy school, which she hates. But you'll see in this funny dog video, how crazy and weird Daphne the puppy really is.. She is a very vocal dachshund with her toys.. loves to bark at them and jump in her toy bin. A bit of a crazy pup! Don't miss more of Daphne the Dachshund and her stories. Don't miss her next episodes about her travels and adventures as she goes to Florida!

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