Duff F5 Mandolin played by Matt Flinner
Grammy-nominated mandolinist Matt Flinner demos a new Duff F5. The mandolin features a one-piece back, Waverly tuners, and a traditional sunburst finish. Comes with a Presto case. The mandolin is mic'd with an Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina which is now available at Carter Vintage. https://cartervintage.com/

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Kit and Caboodle getting the help they need
Best Friends Animal Society is a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. In addition to running lifesaving programs in partnership with more than 2,100 animal welfare groups across the country, Best Friends has regional centers in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Salt Lake City, and operates the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. Founded in 1984, Best Friends is a pioneer in the no-kill movement and has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters nationwide from 17 million per year to about 1.5 million. That means there are still more than 4,100 dogs and cats killed every day in shelters, just because they don't have safe places to call home. We are determined to get that number to zero by the year 2025. Working collaboratively with shelters, rescue groups, other organizations and you, we will end the killing and Save Them All. For more information, visit bestfriends.org.

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Red-Winged Blackbird Song and Display
Stunning male Red-Winged Blackbirds in classic singing and displaying mode for Spring! I could watch these guys all day. I have several videos of RWBB's, but this is my best sound recording so far. No man-made noise and using an external shotgun microphone for DSLR:

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Three Incredible Animal Rescues
These three animals were all stuck in desperate situations - until the best people came to help them
Added: 23rd February 2018
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Maru Bucket 2
The last form of Maru Bucket!
Added: 24th February 2018
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