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10 Songs You've Heard and Don't Know the Name Of
I played 10 classical songs that you've heard but do not know the name. In fact, no one knows their names. Learn on this video!
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Couple Built A Floating Home With Their Own Hands
Wayne Adams and Catherine King are the artists behind Freedom Cove - a floating island built by the couple using just a handsaw and hammer. The floating compound is located off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and is completely sustainable. Even their food comes from home gardens and fishing.

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Amazing Baseball Chair Woodwork Project!
Check out this impressive baseball chair woodworking project by Jackman Works! Constructed from shaped 2x4s and baseball bats, this custom baseball chair has a home run-worthy design!

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Fox cub gets head stuck in a wheel!
With recent news stories about dogs getting stuck in tyres, we thought we would revisit one of our strangest rescues to date. Out team was called out to a fox cub 'stuck in a fence', but when rescuer, Goff, arrived, it turned out to be something very different! Goff rushed the cub back to the centre, where Simon and vet nurse, Sara, had their work cut out getting the little fox free. Amazingly, the fox was freed without the need to cut through the wheel and, after a brief recovery time, it could be returned to the wild!

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A Tiskit A Taskit (Texas Country Reporter)
Ronnie Earp is living like a kid in his ice cream shop. Ronnie Earp 71 N Waco St., Hillsboro, TX 76645 254-582-3807 Texas Country Reporter

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