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Cats and Dogs Hate Taking Baths Compilation
If you thought little kids were difficult to take a bath, wait until you see this compilation of home videos of cats, dogs and other pets getting down and dirty.

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Selfish Pup Refuses To Share Food
Some of us are better at sharing than others! And that's certainly the case with these canine siblings! This tiny little pup has a bigger bark appetite than
Added: 24th June 2016
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Baby Micro Pig Wants Hot Water Bottle At Bedtime
It's bedtime and this baby micro pig likes it hot! He knows there's a hot water bottle waiting for him under the quilt and you can see he doesn't take long to find it.

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Funny Ditzy Dogs Pet Video Compilation 2016
From failing to catch a treat, to playing with an imaginary pond on an iPad, these clips capture dogs at some of their ditziest moments. ...
Added: 25th June 2016
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