Pets gather around owner for story time
Three dogs and a pig cozy up next to their owner as she begins to read them a story. The pig appears to be genuinely fascinated by the book!
Added: 27th April 2016
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Tags cute dogs adorable pig story time

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Tap-Dancing Birds
High-speed footage reveals a unique courtship behavior of the blue-capped cordon bleu that has never been observed before in birds.

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GQ sings Crabbucket
GQ is female vocal quartet out of Baltimore. They made their debut at the 2012 Harmony Sweepstakes and took home First Prize. The group is known for their unique style and "dead bolted" harmonies.

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Bee pulls nail out of wall
Occurred: April 17, 2013 / Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury, UK
Added: 29th April 2016
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