Billy & Emily England: Sibling Roller-Skaters Show Dangerous Spin Moves - America's Got Talent 2017
See a brother and sister duo incorporate dangerous spin moves into their breathtaking roller-skating act.

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Honey-trapping Bears - Wild Japan - BBC
This beekeeper has found a humane way of preventing bears from stealing honey, and with the help of local conservationists, relocate the bears to safer areas.

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World's MOST Daring Houses
Where do you live? Maybe in a nice, quaint little house with a white picket fence, or maybe in a high rise apartment in a big city. Either way, we can guarantee you your house is nothing like some of these on this list. And if it is, invite us over for a dinner and drinks!

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MMM Pie | Martha Moren McCormick
If you like pie, you'll wanna get a slice from this sweet as pie home baker. Martha makes all the classic pies, meringue pies, ice box pies plus a little cutie pie! We all know that MMM sound that comes from taking a bite of fresh baked pie. MMM, I'm going to go have some pie... just as soon as I finish watching today's video. MMM Pie Martha Moren McCormick 1860 North Pearson Lane Keller, TX 76262 Phone: 817-228-2952 Email: Website:

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Funny Jack Russell Terrier 2017 # 8
Press Thumb Up and Join Pet's World(Subscribe) Please Share If you love This VDO and need it more Thank you.

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