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The Dogs of 2016
Remember, the dogs will always be good.
Added: 1st January 2017
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Mother Nature Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
From dogs rolling around in the mud, cats confused by snowfall, to horses playing in the grass, these are just a few of the nature pets that you'll find in this Mother Nature pets video compilation.

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Comedian Mark Lowry - I Survived a Tornado
From 'Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood' available at
Added: 18th June 2017
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The Pink Panther Theme By Il Grande Piano
The theme song to the Pink Panther has become an indisposable part of the franchise and one of the most recognizable tunes in the world.
Added: 10th January 2017
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Tags Sputnik news politics the Pink Panther

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Chicken Fulfills Dream Of Flying
Just when you think you've seen it all, a chicken steps into the cockpit of a glider and sores into the sky. The chicken is seen calmly looking around at all the scenery as the plane fly's over green mountains and rolling hills... the plane lands and the chicken casually exits the plane... just another day on the farm!
Added: 5th May 2017
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