Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West join Architectural Digest from inside their minimalist mansion to take an illuminating personal design quiz. Which room has the best light in the house for selfies? How would Kanye describe interior designer and frequent collaborator Axel Vervoordt? Kim and Kanye pose thoughtful questions and give playfully insightful answers to one another, revealing not only how their taste is expressed through design, but where its functionality is influenced by their exuberant kids. okay what habits did you change when we moved in together I stopped being lonely oh hey I'm Kim that's Kanye and we're gonna be doing our design quiz can I tell you guys a really quick story about this house so we got pregnant and then I got pregnant and then he had a house in Los Angeles Hollywood I had a house in Beverly Hills they were both like not that family ish so we were going on a walk one day and I said this was my dream home this house here and so he said I like it and to him I liked it was like oh my god he loves it cuz he doesn't really like anything that's my specialty not liking stuff I knew that it was gonna be our dream home and that he was going to fully redo it and it was gonna be likable what's the one thing you would get rid of if I wasn't around and why okay I'll tell you what I think I think it would be this TV station that shows Dateline oh really huh love it it like brings me calmness at the end of my day what would I get rid of Rick and Morty you think we can handle Rick and Morty every single night well it's been two years since the new season started really yeah but me Axl still working on our next project we have these new designs we've been doing with James Turrell and Claudio Sebastian and Axl so we'll be you know in the same mind is always on to the next but I think if you were to get rid of one thing you would definitely get rid of just stuff in my closet I feel like you think I'm a hoarder in my closet if our house had a soundtrack what would it be and why I mean I think Jesus is king because that's just the verb right now and that's the soundtrack right now yeah hallelujah hallelujah yeah the kids love singing that yeah what would you say we always talk about wolves when we see the hallway simple like with my other team what room has the best light for selfies he's like oh that was the first thing I excited Oh finally I would honestly say the theater because I like a dark room and I like to use a flash with a dark room when's the last time you used a pool I've never used our pool actually what yeah can you believe that but I love our pool you know we don't have a jacuzzi can you believe that do you believe we don't have a jacuzzi we just make it sure that it's hot oh that's how I think cuz Kanye wanted like everyone wanted a jacuzzi like weird off to the side and we just wanted like a really long front stair which has been amazing cuz all the babies just sit on that stair and like all the cousins come over you said I wanted a Jacuzzi weird no I wanted it to coffee that's like we had no I mean everyone kept on designing them off to the side and it bothered you so much but the kids love to swim in a Jacuzzi but so you said no the whole pool will be a Jacuzzi just make it really warm like the whole pool all the time we built this like really long stair and it's not the deepest pool so like the kids like love it what three words would you use to describe axel cavorts bald him himself or like his design oh yeah I would say Axel's design style is wabi-sabi and that's two words yeah so I only have to use one more yes oh and Wabi and sabi that's three words that is not what I would have guessed here's what I think you would have said there are three words oh I could do it in four I would think on you would say greatest of all time oh that's nice yeah you wish you did that what was your favorite thing that you and Axel design together I say this hallway just take in this hallway that you loved when you found this house and with me and Axel we pushed it to minimize it and get as strong as possible and as simple as possible what is your favorite thing about the bathroom I would think that you say you would say taking selfies in that room yes that's so true the lighting in the bathroom is so good that it like smooths out all cellulite we have this like light panel that we saw maybe we sawed it like this Chanel store or something and the whole ceiling was this light and we did it it's so cool the whole ceiling is just one giant light but it like smooths out everything and so I I start my day off getting in the shower feeling so good about myself thinking like oh my god I really like I've been working out so hard my slightly lights going away and then I just go in the closet later to get dressed and I realized it was just the lighting we need there kind of lighting for the closet everyone's eyes need that kind of lighting yes we still have that sink that everyone is like how does the sink work how does this exist yeah we did we're designing some new sinks now but Claudia worked on that sink he's the one that said push it back pull it back from the wall and it has like a more Zen type of feeling yeah the sink was up against the wall and that was the big debate and so I was like well if I do my makeup is it gonna be weird because I'm so used to having it up against the wall but then I just have way more mirror so it's amazing what room are you most proud of okay I'm gonna answer I feel like you're most proud of your closet why is that because he completely took away the bars in the closet you have like a whole new system for how you like to fold your clothes and how you like to organize your clothes it gives me full anxiety cuz then you have to steam it instead of it just being I can see all my clothes in the closet at the same time I just haven't have them on Uline racks it's not very Axl I would say my favorite room would be the inside at a Anish Kapoor I stare inside and say we need to live inside of one of these like a huge Kapoor yeah yeah okay I was wrong the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms also be the way it's someone that's most similar to the concept of our houses in the future even though it's square and the other houses are more organic but I love how the whole side of the bathroom is just blown out and that was Chris I did she was like you guys need a bigger bathroom I was like oh bathroom and then it's like we had that huge bathroom that pushed our project backed by like eight months we had just continued to live with my mom for like eight months thanks a lot Chris thanks a lot mom you know it's something me and Kim always had in common with our houses we never had a lot of like garish colors we both always had houses that were this tone what I love about having such a minimal house I don't think I started off so minimal but after being with you I became way more minimal like there would be too much clutter and I wouldn't be able to get as much done I really believe if I had so much more stuff everywhere for me it's like how I organize and how I get things done I know where every last thing is there's a place for everything even if it's like hidden in the wall and a cabinet that you can't see like we do have a lot of stuff well that's the next frontier for the closets to be like an outright store because if you go to a store you see everything that is for sale so the closet the scale probably has to be bigger so that everything can be visible but still laid out in a really nice way because that lowers anxiety just knowing where your stuff isn't like more minimal yeah more minimal more chill our lives are so hectic and so crazy and there's always so much going on that I love to come home to full simplicity and just like lay in bed and just like it's so calming to me okay what was the inspiration behind the design of our house north was the inspiration you were an inspiration for the design of our house interview okay will you be my cardholder actually okay go sit on that couch right there and you could watch us no this is a good couch no no you for fair in the middle you're in the okay what was the inspiration behind the design of our house I'm not asking you the question yeah the kids like saying them in the backyard there are all these stairs and we wanted the kids or we needed the kids to be able to ride their scooters or skateboards around and not have to stop the stairs to as many places as I could take the stairs out I try I did like I said yes that's why you're at the inspiration kids are the inspiration for all of our design staff moving forward this is like an interim between can we eat the bumpy stairs that's what I'm saying there's any bumpy everything what's your favorite thing to do with the kids at home what's your favorite thing to do at this house dance competitions in the hallway in the summer you love to swim [Music] really there's that big of crystal there's some catfish there's some bigger blegh dad what is the most prized possession in the house yeah yeah I was gonna say that I'll do it again and then save me who's your favorite houseguest dave chappelle I was that's what I was gonna say Dave Chappelle I love when Dave comes over but he ain't gonna put his feet on our cows I'll tell you that all right thanks ad for joining us in our living room what do you even call this room I always get sucked into the living room yeah but we don't really live in here that much but thanks ad for doing the design quiz with Kim yay

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