MYSTERIOUS Uncontacted Tribes
These groups were COMPLETELY untouched by modern civilization! Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday and Friday just subscribe!
Added: 10th January 2020
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Tubby Time for the Seals
Aqua pups love their tub time!
Added: 10th January 2020
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9 Real Things That Defy the Laws of Physics
9 Real Things That Defy the Laws of Physics hello everyone let's be honest not everyone in school enjoys exact Sciences however you don't have to be an expert all know Newton's three laws off by heart to understand the basic principles of physics after all it's pretty easy to understand that under the influence of gravity objects for and a person can't fly without special devices wait a minute are you sure today we're going to be talking about situations where the laws of physics don't really apply let's get it on walking fish how do fish move even a child can answer this question they swim however this answer is not definitive first of all there are flying fish of course they don't fly around the planet looking for a nice place to stay but they are capable of performing some beautiful stunts in the air but there's also something else look at these images of fish moving along a cliff against the flow of water what is this an upside down video some kind of elaborate fake well none of those answers are correct it's actually a very unique species of fish actually several species in Central and South America for example you can find the sucker mouths armored catfish 'as the mouths of these freshwater fish works as a suction cup which allows them to stick to the surface and stay there despite the fast flow however this is not enough to move quickly on the rocks without falling off but this fish is easily outperformed by an unusual fish from Thailand the cave angel fish thanks to the peculiarities of its body structure this fish is able to walk and not only on horizontal surfaces but also at a 90 degree angle this is made possible by an unusual pelvic girdle which allows the fish to move its limbs diagonally like a lizard but there's more to it than that among the marine fauna there are other specimens that can walk with their pectoral or pelvic fins for example lumpfish but even so only the unusual thai fish can move on any surface crawling around like a salamander by the way scientists believe that studying them can help them better understand how 430 million years ago after a mass extinction some animals came out of the sea onto land and traded their fins for lakes levitation now how do you explain this the guy made two tinfoil boats of different sizes put them in a container and they just started floating in the air the amazing thing is if you take the air out of the container and pour it into the boat the boat then starts to sink so what is it the thing is that the vessel is filled with a substance called sulfur hexafluoride which is a heavy gas but why doesn't that substance mix with the air well because sulfur hexafluoride is five times heavier than air it can't get out of the vessel for the same reason the aluminium boat stays on top of the heavy gas layer instead of falling down some call this trick the transparent water experiments by the way do you know about helium balloons one knows that if you breathe in the air from them your voice becomes high in squeaky but if you breathe in sulfur hexafluoride the sound of your voice will be low and hush a bit like Darth Vader's I find your lack of faith disturbing each field every material on earth has its own melting and combustion points right well not really well originally yes but thanks to modern inventions this statement is no longer relevant in 1993 a British television show showed something incredible an inventor called Morris Ward presented an innovative material known as starlight to demonstrate its properties the British inventor covered a chicken-egg with the shielding material he then took a blowtorch with the temperature of over 2000 degrees Celsius and exposed the coated egg to the flame for several minutes at the end of the experiment walls took the egg out and cracked it as if nothing had happened both the shell and the interior were completely intact as if it were a regular raw wreck from the store so what is the secret to the mysterious mixture Lord Himself claims to have worked several years on his invention mixing various heat-resistant plastics and trying to find the best combination nevertheless the inventor never revealed the full composition of the mixture saying only that it includes 21 polymers and a small amount of ceramics what's surprising is the ward wasn't a chemist either in fact II didn't know much about science at all the British inventor decided to create this compound after a planed fire in Manchester in 1985 at the time 55 people on board of Boeing 737 died of asphyxiation in less than a minute from toxic smoke but then why hasn't there been a revolution in the construction industry worldwide since the creation of star lights very simple Lord was unable to reach an agreement with the British Department of Defense or any private companies the amateur chemist was very afraid that the composition of his mixture would be revealed and was not willing to negotiate in the end no one was able to unravel the secrets and after Ward's death in 2011 the story of starlight seems to be finally over hydrophobic materials you've probably seen online ads for hydrophobic shoes sprays it's a very useful invention for people who live in humid regions [Music] but scientists at the University of Rochester in New York have developed something even better they've created a technology that turns any material into a hydrophobic element forever without the need for additional treatments in the future the secret of this revolutionary technology is treating the materials with lasers using micro and nano structures a certain pattern with a certain depth is applied to the desired surface the invention can be described as truly revolutionary and its field of application is not limited to the production of clothing fabrics in fact these materials can be used for example to create the wings and fuselage of aircraft this completely eliminates the risk of ice formation incidentally a few years ago scientists perfected this invention thanks to hydrophobic technologies they've invented a way of treating metal surfaces that prevent objects from sinking how does it work structures applied to the surface are able to capture and retain air which creates an air bubble around the object immersed in water this is what pushes the metal to the surface in the future this may help create unsinkable ships memory metal what happens to metal when it's subjected to pressure right it changes shape like almost any solid material however there are also exceptions to this rule this material is known as nitinol and it is an alloy of titanium and nickel in almost equal proportions this metal is much more elastic than regular metals and retains the memory of its original shape producing this alloy is not easy though but its unique qualities make it very popular in the market [Music] listen all is used to produce artificial satellites antennas fuses boilers bone implants placeholder pins and even jewelry nitinol can also be used in the production of perpetual motion machines this was first done by American engineer art banks in 1973 the main elements of the original device was a wheel with spokes similar to the one that you see on the screen another components of the engine is the nitinol wire loops which are bathed with cold and hot water nitinol reacts to the temperature changes in the cold cycle the loops ends come closer and in the hot cycle the end straights an ounce which makes the wheel turn this engine is not used in industry but thanks to its properties it's really able to work forever if the temperature for water in the tanks remains the same stone in the air this installation in Myanmar attracts crowds of tourists every year many of them believe that the golden rock or as it's called earnest homeland that keo keo pagoda has a divine nature [Music] legend has it that it was placed on a rock fight to Burmese spirits two and a half thousand years ago the main version claims that the pagoda has the hair of the Buddha himself inside which prevents the stone from sliding well the temptation to believe that this structure was created by divine beings is really great when you look at it how can a seven-meter rocks stay on the edge of a cliff for so many years almost without touching it well honestly scientists have not been able to find a definitive answer to that some geologists believe that the golden rocks the result of a volcanic disturbance but most people except the stones divine origin dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]

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RTSF 2020 In The Mood (Thursday) Shag Jack and Jill Prelims
Rock That Swing Festival 2020: Shag Jack and Jill Prelims
Added: 16th March 2020
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Why You Can't FOCUS - And How To Fix That
Why You Can't Focus - And How To Fix That In today's world, being able to focus is almost like a superpower. You rarely see anyone who's able to concentrate on a single task for hours. And the individuals who are able to focus, to nobody's surprise, get so much more done than other people. There are many areas where you could benefit from better concentration. Whether it's for school, studying, work or a hobby. If you're able to focus you can get your desired results faster. So today I'll explain what's holding you back from focusing and what you can do to improve it.

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