Biggest Lunar MYSTERIES...
The Moon is a weird and mysterious place.
Added: 11th March 2020
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36 Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe Before She Was Famous
36 Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe Before She Was Famous
Added: 20th January 2020
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1932 Mercedes-Benz SSKL - Jay Leno's Garage
The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center has painstakingly brought this legendary race car back to life and lets Jay open it up on public roads! ABOUT JAY LENO'S GARAGE A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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Pranking My Friends Livestream
Video Script: this is my friend fresh he's a streamer who likes to crank 90s doorman oh you'll find out one day we were super bored so we decided to mess with him I just got done editing a video so I got a fair bit of eyelid McGowan on boys yeah I still edit my own videos no one does that except me for some reason ruining freshers life he's like my son he's like a child to me I just got the DNA test back he's not apparently not my biological son I know it's crazy we look so much alike one of the pcs has freshers fortnight account installed in it so we're gonna go on there we're gonna mess with a few settings that's all we're gonna do nothing crazy this is the PC with the great freshers login credentials freshy boy streaming right now he's live at this very moment here we go I've loaded up the epic games launcher mr. fresh Asian I'm logged in don't note with this side him out if I launch fortnight on his account will excite him it well this this kicks him off it's tricky we're in we've cracked the code oh yeah I feel like I've been hacked how I said how is he in my account alright now it's time to hack him and then change his key bones when he logs back on he'll be like oh I'm back I'm back try to play some for tonight and he'll be very confused remove all of his movement keyboards all right easy fire no it will make quiet space but what do we want we want get rid of these builds won't be there no builds for freshy boy so we can't use weapons he has no builds he can't jump logged out again but for a pin I get a logged out all right he's logging back in he's gonna be so mad he's gonna be stuck if my epic games account is actually hacked like I'm actually at why am I default oh my god what happened oh my Bynes are gone my all my movement and stuff is oh my god he touched everything just try to record a ******* video and I'm actually getting hacked and landing Zach ******* though I don't understand like we're in the same office but how does he have access to my account I'm so sorry fixed it he fixed it straight away yeah I think the only thing we got left is he has no turbo building that should get him at some point wait all my bills oh my god that he frickin turned it was Lannon again he turned Tober build-off I was wondering why why build was so cooked it turned ******* tower built off now we can continue gaming it's just bland and freaking hacking us alright sorry today the plan is to fill up freshers room with balloons I have no idea why all right well this is what freshers room looks like right now he is currently had his house sleeping oh it's gross its disgusting couple balloons is gonna really liven the place up why does it smell like wet feet in here you look beautiful thank you get away from my children there are I got the best blowers in New South Wales of course I will do absolutely none of the blowing now I'm here to document the experience learn that were ten seconds into the balloons and my assistant has caught her hand open she doesn't like her face being showing because she doesn't Bera seing stuff like this progress report Molly's having fun we have an office for six-year-olds I love it [Applause] [Laughter] sorry all of a sudden I really like your personality I love you but what the what the levels of balloons is rising we're all mr. Thomas below balloon we have a pill emoji balloon her jokes are funny too everywhere what are you doing over there [Laughter] we got yeat balloon we've just received word that fresh is actually like 25 minutes away he's here way sooner than we thought all right we're getting pretty full we get nice and chunky he's set up is almost entirely berry all right pretty boy it's so much to record a nice we've got a nice surprise for you fresh you boy I swear offenses you like your new office fresh you boys yeah all right fresh I want to say with balloons up my ****** I feel like most people would appreciate when their friends fill their rooms with balloons balloons are supposed balloons have supposed to mean you feel happy this is not happy the only way we're gonna clean up these balloons is if you can get a win in for number Boy win again fortnight covered in balloon Vic Roy I'm gonna throw balloons out him the entire time he's playing Wow look they pranked me Wow Frank Frank oh my god dude I bribed he's already gone that was ******* balloon oh dude balloon onto my left arm straight getting killed there chillin with chillin oh my god I'm getting a balloon avalanche good luck freshy boy all I'm dropping for tonight so much okay we have to do this after every Gamelin oh my god don't try to shoot that kid fresh he's a child your tables get a couple balloons oh gosh what happened sorry I still get jealous he'll get no Lindsay like Frick oh my god cake cavern antenna I can't see him oh you don't we deadmau5 oh I literally can't say fresh anymore he's gone it's great I didn't think it was physically possible for someone to be sad in balloons but you've made that happen it's hard to crate with the balloons touching my arms no one's ever crack this hard it's a balloon I'm the best balloon crank up oh my gosh okay every time get a kill fresh yep gonna make it out of balloons every time this celebration yep every time you get it clear we're gonna make it harder [Music] I'm just not gonna win trying to keep my mouse pad click oh my god okay this guy is sweating I can't see my health because there's a yellow balloon then I can't see my help did I forget Aggie love for tonight stop there we go hovering Jenna that will govern my life cover Imam oh my god I cut I'm just gonna grab this loop down here everyone's camping oh my what the what the dude holy Sh oh my god dude one of those in there real quick I am rocket gaming cuz I do not want to risk losing this oh that's another hit go ahead going in fresh boy happy victory so jake has a phobia of balloon spiders and balloons to celebrate the win Molly saw something on tick-tock you wanted to test yet so there's this like well we won't you call it there's like there's this tick tock tick vomit balloon if you can pop all these balloons right [Applause] [Laughter]
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