Watch These Teeny Wobbly Kittens Never Give Up
Narvi and Telesto were both born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia or Wobbly Cat Syndrome. They take a while to get where theyre going, but watch these wobbly kittens have no concept of failure

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Australian animals celebrate the arrival of rain
Kangaroos, wombat and Koalas were amongst some of the animals at Symbio Wildlife Park who rejoiced as the arrival of rain provided some much welcome relief from the harsh Australian Summer as they splashed in puddles, were affectionate towards each other and seemed to be really enjoying it. With much of NSW impacted by bush fires, the arrival of the first decent downpour of rain in many months has given respite to many of the individuals and the communities impacted. With over a billion animals who have lost their lives, many more losing their habitat and/or sustained injuries, hundreds of thousands of individual people and thousands of communities now facing the task of rebuilding their lives, prayers were definitely answered as the rain landed on many of the fire fronts. For more information or licensing, please contact; Kevin Fallon | Marketing Manager Symbio Wildlife Park kevin@symbiozoo.com.au +61 431 588 862
Added: 20th January 2020
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Cat Purrdictions 2020 - The Future is Meow
Cat Purrdictions 2020 - Move over Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, the Furball cats take out the crystal ball and look into the future to make some very pawsitive purrdictions for the year ahead. Lets all stay hopeful and remember to Purr More, Hiss Less! Got a Purrdiction? Let's hear it in the comments! Best wishes! And Happy Mew Year! Xoxo The Furball Cats are Merlin, Fairy Princess, Buddha, Elfin and Yogi. Special thanks to our guest cats, Cha Cha and Fred, two Red Dot champions who will be back later this month!

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Bus Gets Taken By Massive Flood
Bus Gets Taken By Massive Flood. Your Daily Dose Of Internet

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