MYSTERIOUS Uncontacted Tribes
These groups were COMPLETELY untouched by modern civilization! Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday and Friday just subscribe!
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Rescued Baby Raccoon Loves To Snuggle On The Sofa | The Dodo Little But Fierce
Wilbur the raccoon was taken to Mandy’s Wildlife Rehab Habitat when he was a tiny baby, and now he’s learning to be a normal raccoon!

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The Man Who Lives With Leopards
DEDICATING his life to caring for his beloved animals – Armand Gerber now has two leopards living INSIDE his house. Armand, 51, runs the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa, and just a few weeks ago, one of his adult female leopards gave birth to two cubs on site. The cubs now live in Armandas home, being hand-fed with milk bottles and sleeping next to him in bed each night. Whilst Armand expects criticism for separating the mother and her babies at such a young age, he is adamant that this is the best way to raise the cubs in captivity even with the increased level of danger that he is faced with when interacting with the vulnerable mother. In addition to keeping a very close eye on the cubs and parents, Armand has to maintain the well-being of his other animals at the park including 10 lions, three tigers and a cheetah.

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