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Hungover Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2018
It's the day after St. Patricks day and I'm sure everyone is feeling like complete crap! Enjoy this funny compilation of hungover pets who are struggling just as hard as you are right now....

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Getting too Close to a Gorilla Leads to Unexpected Consequences
Gorillas have become increasingly more accepting of Charlotte and the crew, but this leads to an unexpected incident for the cameraman.

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How Solovair Leather Shoes Are Made
British shoe manufacturer Solovair has been making shoes in the UK since 1881, and it still uses traditional Puritan sewing machines. Over its long history Solovair has made boots for the British army and in 1959 it helped to create the first pair of Dr. Martens boots. With over 400 unique styles of shoes, Solovair makes 100,000 shoes and boots each year. For more from Solovair, visit:

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Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish | National Geographic
Scientists on the Nautilus team ran into a mysterious creature on a recent expedition in Hawaii. The strange fish was found nearly a mile beneath the surface.

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