Bedlam in the Bird Bath
Trying out the HD video function of my new Canon 1d mk4 and 300mm F2/8 lens when a flock of various birds (8 species) visited the bird bath for a dip.

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Healthy Horse Smoothies
Healthy Horse Smoothie Recipes that your horse will LOVE! In this video I share a little treat that I like to give my horses BUT it's not just for fun, it also has a serious training bonus to incorporating this into your horses lives. I love working with horses and now in 2020 we can find fun and enriching ways to live and work with horses!
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Ep#16: Daphne Gets a Haircut! (Finale) - Cute Dachshund Video!
In the season 4 finale, Daphne the little #dachshund #puppy goes to the hair salon to get a haircut! Crusoe the dachshund is there with her, who just had his haircut first with a super cool do, that Daphne thinks is stupid. Daphne then has her turn in the salon to get her haircut, and she can't decide what style she wants - or rather - she wants no style at all. Enjoy this cute and funny little dachshund dog video of Daphne and Crusoe getting into some silly and funny antics in the hair salon.

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Watch These Teeny Wobbly Kittens Never Give Up
Narvi and Telesto were both born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia or Wobbly Cat Syndrome. They take a while to get where theyre going, but watch these wobbly kittens have no concept of failure

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Blue Jay Bird Bath Joy - Closeup
So Close You might get Wet! Blue Jays Love their bird bath - they and other Backyard birds line up late every afternoon for a refreshing splash. I've found that these simple molded large planter bases that are hollow and anywhere from 12 to 18" in diameter just simply put on the ground are the most popular with birds from little buntings and cardinals up to big Blue Jays. Most birds don't require or desire very large or deep water just an inch or inch and a half is enough. As you watch these Blue Jays totally enjoy a refreshing bath - you'll know water is what helps bring the birds in. Filmed with GoPro: https://amzn.to/2zkpG65

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