Thousands of American Robins Roost in Florida
The iconic American Robin is so familiar in northern lawns in spring and summer when they are breeding, building nests, raising their broods and eating earthworms right in front of us. But did you know they arrive in Florida in winter by the thousands in huge flocks sometimes called a “Round of Robins. This huge flock arrived at dusk by the thousands and roosted across several acres of pine and palmetto forest in the conservation area behind the Backyard. So large it was impossible to film and the sound was near deafening as I stood below filming in near darkness. This is mostly a feast for the ears! Crank up the volume and/or listen on headphones/earbuds. I usually get a few flocks of dozens or maybe a few hundred robins in the backyard from late December into early February.

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MYSTERIOUS Uncontacted Tribes
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Young Hippo Can't Stop Teasing Crocodile | The Dodo Wild Hearts
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