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Chicken CPR - Jay Leno
This is about a lady who lives in Arkadelphia , AR. She gave CPR to a chicken. She was on the Tonight Show, same night Terry Bradshaw was on the show. Never has anyone had more fun and laughs than Bradshaw on this clip. If you need a good laugh, this will do it, I promise!!! Be sure to watch Bradshaw, too... Also, be sure your sound is on. This is too funny for words.. The lady is a born comic and Terry Bradshaws reaction is worth watching!
Added: 24th July 2009
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Meet The Family With Six Fingers On Each Hand!
Michael Mosley visits the Da Silvas in Brasilia to see a family who grow six digits on each hand, something they celebrate and cherish. Out of 26 family members 14 have an extra finger on each hand. What all could you do different if you had six fingers on each hand?

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Gaither Vocal Band - Hymn Of Praise (Lyric Video)
Music video by Gaither Vocal Band performing Hymn Of Praise. The Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel vocal group, named after its founder and leader Bill Gaither.

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Apollos Hester: Inspirational High School Football Players!
Apollos Hester, wide receiver for the East View Patriots, made the interview hall-of-fame Friday night after he delivered the most epic post-game interview to ever go down at a high school football game. I had the pleasure of talking to this ball of enthusiasm live on our high school football show on TWC News Austin. As you can tell, he was pretty fired up. Video Courtesy of TWC News Austin
Added: 22nd September 2014
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Stubborn Husky gets his wish after throwing temper tantrum
After his infamous temper tantrum in the bathtub, Zeus returns with another defiant moment in the bath tub. He finally gets the water turned on for him.

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