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Epic Cat Door Fail
Philo Cat Rejects Cat Door. Yesterday, I spent an hour and half installing a new cat door so Philo the Cat could come and go as he pleases. This is his reaction.

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Another Kind Of Blue Turns Stage On Its Side!
Gracing the stage from Italy and the Netherlands, visual dance act Another Kind Of Blue are hoping to bring something new and exciting to Britain’s Got Talent.

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Best of the Week | Trashed!
Here's what the human race got up to this week... some epic fails, awesome wins, heartwarming moments and much more all in this Best of the Week video. Your weekly dose of the best videos on the internet!

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Dancing Birds | Funny Bird Video Compilation 2017
These dancing birds have some of the best moves I've ever seen! Get ready for the weekend and check out these hilariously funny birds showing off their best dance moves!

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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and brother Oakley dachshund embark on a recreation of the Batman Vs. Superman Trailer 2016: Dawn of Justice, but appearing as BATDOG vs. SUPERDOG. This is the epic movie you should be seeing instead! Or heck, just go see both!

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