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First Person Cliff Jump
Huge cliff jump at Tar Creek! Song: Haley VS Deadmau5 - Falling In Love with Brazil (Kaskade Mashup)
Added: 24th February 2012
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Natalie: Iconic Melbourne Piano Street Performer
This musical piece was composed between the age of 13 and 14 and finished some years later. Another insight into the mind of this musical genius. Enjoy.
Added: 28th October 2015
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UFO caught from helicopter over Montana, USA
Check out this mind-blowing UFO footage captured from an overhead helicopter in Montana. What do you think? Real or fake?
Added: 30th April 2016
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Tags ufo strange beamme up alliens

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Ford Focus 120mph Crash Test
Ford Focus crashed into concrete wall at a speed of 120 miles an hour (193 kilometers an hour). Copyright Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd. 2011
Added: 31st October 2011
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Cute Lizard Likes to be Tickled
Watch this lizard being tickled
Added: 1st October 2014
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