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Line Dancing Horse
Chrissy the horse demonstrates some equine excellence on the dance floor.
Added: 21st June 2012
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The Cat In The Cobra Pose
The Cat in the cobra pose
Added: 10th November 2011
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Fiona's Amazing Story!
Caution: Hanky Alert! Today's video tells the touching story of Fiona, a dog in need of rescue. When the call came in to Hope For Paws, they went looking for the dog right away. As soon as they saw the her they realized she was blind in both eyes so they allowed her to smell them before they attempted to touch her... A video with a very sad beginning but a truly happy ending! Visit:
Added: 22nd March 2012
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Three Kittens Looking for Jobs
As seen here, the three Exotic Shorthair Kittens are 4 months old, ready to take on the world. After a long morning of job hunting, Muffin, Bun Bun, and Ducky relax with some playtime. They take after their uncle Pancake, dressed to impress with a spiffy tie, learning to utilize technology on a laptop and iPads, then playing hard with dragonflies and other dangling toys.
Added: 2nd October 2013
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Motorcycle Chased Down Highway By Elk
On Sunday, October 3rd, my boyfriend Glen and I decided to take a ride from Missoula, MT to Ovando, MT. On our way back, we headed south on hwy 200. I was looking around at the gorgeous scenery when Glen started to slow down as he saw a truck stopped in front of us. We stopped behind the truck and saw a bull elk approach the truck. The person in the truck must have had some food because the elk jumped up on his hind legs and peered in to the drivers window. (I have that on video as well) Then the elk jumped down and started to approach us. There were two actually. One was a bit smaller and had different looking antlers. I am not much of a hunter so I don't know why they appeared different than the other. I was surprised that the elk came so close to us and I could feel a great deal of tension between us and the animal. I am willing to bet that if Glen hadn't hit the throttle when he had, that elk would have jumped up on us. The elk chased us for a while and I don't know when he would have stopped hadn't I told Glen to lose it. I didn't want the animal to chase us on the road and put it in any danger so losing it seemed appropriate. I had enough excitement for one day!
Added: 3rd November 2013
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