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Defying Gravity With Korea’s Premier Balance Artist
Artist Rocky Byun can find the balance point in anything: rocks, furniture, even motorcycles. As a balance artist based in Tancheon, South Korea, he creates magnificent sculptures that appear to defy gravity. With his deep understanding of physics and a zen-like approach to his work, Byun has found balance in his art and in life.

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The most satisfying video in the world
This videos is a remix of many other interesting videos available on the internet. It's had over 8 million views on Youtube in the last 3 days. Enjoy!
Added: 15th July 2016
Views: 5117
Tags remix video satisfying Most Satisfying Video world

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Hilarious! - You Bet Your Life - Ramiro G. Gonzales
You may remember Gonzales Gonzales from John Wayne movies. He provided comedy in Rio Bravo, Hellfighters, and other Wayne movies. Here is where he got his start as an actor when he appeared as a contestant on 'You Bet Your Life'. Now this is truly funny. Groucho takes advantage of the situation based upon the audience laughter. John Wayne saw the event and put him in his movies.
Added: 13th June 2014
Views: 57776

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The Hilarious Wacky Walkers
It's Nick Nack Paddy Whack's Wackiest Walkers! Loose goosey, stumbling steps and wobbly walks, these kitten caboodles and oodles of poodles are two-stepping with their baby buds down This Old Man Lane. Everyone wobbles when they're taking their very first steps! You probably did too but now look at you!

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Fox 5 News Jetpack EPIC FAIL!
FOX 5 San Diego Morning News. Guy attempting to take off with a water-powered JetPack but hits the kill switch and falls face first into the water on LIVE TV!!
Added: 27th July 2011
Views: 29284

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