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Little Girl Gets A Hamster Puppy
We are dying from adorable.
Added: 16th March 2015
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Lady With Two Left Feet Prank - Hilarious
We've all heard the expression "having two left feet", which simply means clumsy, but people who try to help this woman put a shoe on her right foot are in for a shock when the big toe is on the wrong side! She really does have two left feet... or does she?
Added: 21st February 2013
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Claire Lynch - Dear Sister - Acoustic Music
Claire Lynch Band performs "Dear Sister" in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU's Bluegrass Country. Host: Katy Daley Video: Peter Swinburne, Inhak Kim Audio: Gary Henderson
Added: 28th March 2014
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Ultimate Funny Guilty Dog Video Compilation
Most of these dogs look like they know exactly what they have done and the trouble they are in. Some are extremely funny, especially the last one... Funny Guilty Dog Videos | Guilty Dogs | Guilty Dog Who Made This Mess | Guilty Dog Compilation | Guilty Dog Videos | Guilty Dog Top 10 |
Added: 4th October 2013
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Magic Disappearing Elevator Trick
No editing. Can you guess how it's done?

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