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Meowy Christmas!
Cats make everything awesome at Christmas, don't they? If you suffer from depression, I urge you to head to the shelter and bring home a cat (or two!). The way they examine everything, get possessive over things (Shorty was NOT gonna let Koko have that box, haha!), and sleep so peacefully under the tree, they will show you all that is beautiful and truly WONDERful in this life. (Oh, and there may also be hairballs, just fyi!)
Added: 22nd December 2017
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The Lift Garage: Fixing Cars and People's Lives
Lift Garage Executive Director Cathy Heying initially knew nothing about car repair. At 38-years-old, she went back to school for auto technology. To date, Cathy and The Lift Garage has saved Minneapolis residents over $30,000 in repair bills. Her mission is to lifts spirits, lives and families through their struggles.

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Bourne Vivaldi  - ThePianoGuys
Bourne Vivaldi - ThePianoGuys
Added: 7th May 2012
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A Sprinkler in Winter -48C / -57F, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
What do we do for fun in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on a very cold day? Well, we run our sprinkler, of course....we hooked up a sprinkler to our hot water tank in the wintertime. It was March 1st, 2014, temperature was -34C or -29F. With the windchill factored in, it was -48C or -54F. A cold day indeed. Perhaps you've seen people throw cups of hot water into the air? Well, the effect is more awesome with a sprinkler!!! Enjoy.
Added: 24th November 2014
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Puppies Learning to Howl Compilation
Puppies Learning to Howl Compilation - Never tired of puppy cuteness? Well then, here are more cute puppies learning to howl for the first time!

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