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Daddy Takes Baby From Crying To Asleep In 2 Minutes
This has always been Ada's favorite song for her dad to sing to her.
Added: 26th September 2013
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Hot Dog In The Face Prank
Free Hot Dogs! Yum! The old man in the wheelchair wants one too, but when victims reach down to grab one for him, the weiner comes flying out of the bun, right into his face!
Added: 10th January 2013
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Stealing Their Own Cars Prank
When the victims come out of the corner store and put the key into their own car door, an alarm goes off! A woman accuses them of trying to steal her car. It even has her license plate on it, not theirs. Now that's "scratch-your-head" worthy...
Added: 13th March 2013
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Pink Flamingos Go Dating
Pink Flamingos Go Dating Thousands of pink flamingos flock to Mexico to try and grab themselves a date. For more U-zoo videos.
Added: 31st January 2012
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Scary Plant Monster - Kids Prank
People are asked to watch a plant shop but they get an unexpected surprise!
Added: 12th May 2014
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