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Jealous Girlfriend Eliminates Competition Prank
In our Instant Accomplice gags, we recruit strangers to help them play a prank on their loved ones! A beautiful woman passes by, and these guys are more than willing to hold the door open for her. Their girlfriends aren't so thrilled about what they saw, so they take the next opportunity they can to knock out their competition!
Added: 5th August 2013
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Bulldog Loves the Leaf Blower
Nothing beats that refreshing feeling of a leaf blower sending your lips flapping in the wind!

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Dueling Banjos - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Revenge of the Guitar
The boys practice a version of Eric Weissberg's "Dueling Banjos" in the Bedroom - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - 9 Year old Jonny Mizzone (banjo) and his brothers Robbie Mizzone, 13 (fiddle), and Tommy Mizzone,14 (guitar). Now charting on Billboard! - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys 'America's Music' iTunes - Amazon - CD -
Added: 15th March 2012
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Beach Bunny Photo Session Prank Random men are asked to take pictures with a couple of hot wet bikini girls but they ruin the whole experience by letting loose some bubbly stink bombs.
Added: 5th November 2011
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Who Is This Guy
This guy can kick a soccer ball better than anyone I have ever seen.
Added: 11th April 2011
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