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Squirrel Gets in Halloween Spirit  And Carves His Own Pumpkin
This cute squirrel is getting into the Halloween spirit! He saw a pumpkin as an opportunity to make a spooky jack-o-lantern! bit.ly/CnFonYouTube
Added: 1st November 2014
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Smart Police Dog that can get in and out the police car by himself !
smart Police Dog that can open and close police car door

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Lucie Jones - I Will Always Love You - The X Factor
The X Factor 2009: Nervous Lucie takes to the stage, but her choice of song is questioned by Simon. Has she got The X Factor? See more at http://www.itv.com/xfactor
Added: 10th December 2013
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Seagull Will Steal Your Sandwich
Herring Gulls in St Ives have a reputation for stealing food. Lucy Cooke tests the theory and visits the beach, sandwich in hand. How close will the gulls come to have a bite?

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Buffalo kisses
Driving through the Olympic Game Farm, feeding the animals and a buffalo gets a little too friendly.
Added: 11th March 2015
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