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Bulldog Puppy vs Bottle
Humphrey the 8 week old chubby tired British Bulldog doesn't appreciate this bottle of water. He lets it know by dancing and barking around it very cutely.

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Valentine ISD (Texas Country Reporter)
Visit a remote West Texas town where one student can be an entire class. Valentine ISD Valentine, TX Texas Country Reporter #1268, 03-17-2012
Added: 7th June 2012
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Amazing Smart Cows Compilation
Cows Cows Cows | Cows Mooing | Funny Cow | Funny Cow Videos | Cow Videos For Children | Animals Acting Like Humans | Animals Behaving Like Humans | Smart Cow "amazing videos, funny animals, cute animals, crazy animals, pets and animals, funny videos 2014, cute videos, smart, vines, vines compilation, vines 2014, animals are awesome, animals are awesome 2014, humans, funny, funny 2014"
Added: 10th March 2014
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Horse Feeds Another Horse! Animals Love
This is a grand gesture where a horse feeds other horse detained. Horse is denur by his owner and he should eat with time. His friend in the room adjacent brings him food. Animal lover has no boundaries.
Added: 11th June 2014
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Comedy Trapeze - Die Maiers
Extremely funny German trapeze couple with a most unique approach! Check out their facial expressions or lack of!
Added: 7th July 2014
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