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Abandoned piano
On August 27th 2011, I drove by this lady on Boone in Spokane Wa. I parked and walked to the house. I asked her if I could video her and she wouldn't even look at me.
Added: 10th December 2013
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Wild Dolphin Stampede - 1080p HD
A huge pod of about 1,000 Common Dolphins stampeded off the coast of Dana Point, California, like a herd of wild horses. This has happened twice recently though it is very rare. The line of wild dolphins could be seen from miles away churning up the water and, to the delight of whale watching passengers and crew aboard Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari, the dolphins turned and stampeded directly over to the boat. Often this unusual behavior happens without warning or anything frightening them as was the case this time. Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD. For more info visit: http://www.dolphinsafari.com
Added: 9th January 2013
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Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas (by Mason Williams)
Learn this song from Tommy via multi-angle videos, transcriptions (Guitar Pro, Powertab, PDF, notation)! Full information here: http://truefire.com/ acoustic-guitar-lessons/certified-gems/
Added: 12th March 2014
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Owl and Cat Are Still Best Friends
Fum and Gebra coming back, one year later since first hit, releasing a new video "The Return", an amazing story made with heart. Song: "Avui " by Roger Margarit. Like us on www.fumandgebra.com and facebook.com/fumandgebra
Added: 13th February 2013
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