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Nico The Wild Cat Goes To The Dentist
Nico our 19 year old Geoffroy cat required surgery after keepers spotted that her face was swollen. Watch the process we use for capturing the smaller species at the sanctuary, with the minimal amount of stress on the animal. Thank you to all our awesome supporters who enable us to provide such grrreat animal care :) WEBSITE: http://www.bigcatrescue.org
Added: 9th May 2012
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Kids Provide Opinions On Valentine's Day
Since love is so often an immediate, raw emotion, we figured children would have the best kind of life experience to put it into perspective for us. Think about it, they often act without thinking, feel their emotions without a care who sees them, and when they see something they want, they go after it. Not to mention they're cute as heck, which is what we all strive to be on Valentine's Day. Watch and enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/hooplaha
Added: 9th February 2014
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Clayton Kershaw Throws A Baseball At Jimmy Kimmel's Head
Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw attempts to knock an apple off of Jimmy's head with a baseball. bit.ly/JKLWebsite
Added: 30th July 2014
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Angelina - Tommy Emmanuel
Written for his second daughter, Angelina, this is a song that Tommy plays the world over. It is featured on his album, The Endless Road. https://itunes.apple.com/us/ album/endless-road/id404409194
Added: 2nd December 2014
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Snowboard Prodigy
As a boy, Tim-Kevin Ravnjak did what most kids do: he played soccer, before he tried other sports. When Tim-Kevin turned six years old his parents bought him a snowboard - and there was no stopping the young Slovenian. In 2006, he signed with Burton Snowboards and Tim-KevinĄ­s first victory in an international snowboard event came soon after when he won the Burton Amateur Tour event in Klagenfurt in February 2006.
Added: 10th December 2012
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