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Itchers and Scratchers | Funny Pet Compilation 2018
Some dogs' favorite activities include itching and scratching on anything they can find! I guarantee you will be feeling a little itchy after watching this hilarious compilation of itchers and scratchers!

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World's Most DANGEROUS Roads
Have you ever seen a road or cars traveling on one and the first thing that pops into your mind is nope? Well, these are those types of roads; the kind that will give you chills just looking at them and will make you glad that you don't have to travel any of these on the daily. From highways that are plagued with crashes due to human error to roads that allow vehicles to travel in places where they should never be traveling, this is some more World's Most Dangerous Roads.

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River Of Hail - Bizarre!
Talk about hail! Mounds of hail, piling 2-4 feet were seen near the Potter/Moore County line in the Texas Panhandle Video courtesy Storm Search 7 Storm Chaser Doug Black Read more: news/story.aspx?id=740934
Added: 15th April 2012
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Awesome Animal Tongues: Compilation
This hilarious compilation features videos of animals with weird, wacky, and crazy tongues!

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