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Confused Animals | Funny Pet Video Compilation
Like us silly hoomans, these animals are just trying to navigate this crazy world one day at a time! Watch these hilarious animals get confused at everything around them!

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Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Light Saber Duel
Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Light Saber Duel - Steven Sharp Nelson DOWNLOAD THE FREE MP3 HERE: http://myve.nu/pianoguyscellowars Long ago in a galaxy far, far away... We bring you CELLO WARS! A result of 6 months of production...our most ambitious undertaking by far! Why Star Wars Cello? Because of our unending admiration of George Lucas, John Williams, and the most EPIC movies and film score ever created.
Added: 4th December 2011
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Ring Bearer Pillow Throw
Little boy throws the ring bearer pillow down the aisle.

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The Willis Clan | Irish Dance And Song
The Willis Clan, they sing, dance and play numerious instruments during this increadible performance at the UCWDC Worlds 2016.

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Why do we cry - The three types of tears
Whether we cry during a sad movie, while chopping onions, or completely involuntarily, our eyes are constantly producing tears. Alex Gendler tracks a particularly watery day in the life of Iris (the iris) as she cycles through basal, reflex and emotional tears. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio.
Added: 27th February 2014
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